It says the phone I want to locate is off or outside of the T-Mobile service area.

To get the best results from FamilyWhere, all devices being tracked should:

  • Remain powered on
  • Have GPS enabled if available

Locating is most likely to be successful and accurate in areas where:

  • Sky view is not heavily obstructed (so that GPS satellite communication is more reliable)
  • T-Mobile coverage is constant

FamilyWhere attempts up to three methods of locating each tracked device. It will fail only if all of those attempts is unsuccessful.

  • When possible, Assisted GPS is used for a precise location. This may not work if:
    • GPS on the tracked device is off or not supported
    • GPS is not able to get a satellite signal
    • The device is in 2G coverage and on a voice call
  • Next, FamilyWhere may attempt to get the device's location using a combinaton of cell tower and network information. This may not work if:
    • The network does not have details for the cell tower the tracked device is connected to
  • Finally, FamilyWhere may fall back to the basic cell tower information. This may not work if:
    • The device being tracked is outside of T-Mobile coverage
    • The device is off
    • The service times out due to issues unrelated to the device
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