My locations are inaccurate.

When a device is located, an Uncertainty Halo appears on the map in the form of a large blue circle. The device could located at any point inside of the blue circle, it is NOT always located in the exact center. It could be near the center, but it could also be near the edge or anywhere in between.

FamilyWhere uses several different methods to locate devices.  It will always report the most accurate location possible to the user. If a locate has a very large Uncertainty Halo, it is because FamilyWhere was unable to locate the device using its most accurate location methods at that time. This can be due to the following reasons:

  • The GPS setting on the device being located is turned off. If the GPS setting is turned on, FamilyWhere will report more accurate locations.
  • The device being located is in inside of a building.
  • The device being located is outdoors, but is in an area with tall buildings, mountains, or large bodies of water nearby.
  • The device being located is in an area that is outside of T-Mobile service (roaming).
  • The device being located is in area that is not supported by the T-Mobile location platform.

We are unable to 'force' more accurate locates.

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