How to register & access FamilyWhere

To use FamilyWhere, you must first complete online registration at


If you haven't completed online registration:

To use FamilyWhere, you must complete online registration. You must meet the following requirements before registering

  • Your T-Mobile account must be active and in good standing.
  • It must be one of the following account types: SY, ST, IR, IA, IS, IG, IM, IF, IX, IU, or IJ. Other account types are not eligible.
  • A Primary Account Holder needs to have been set.
  • The user must be logged into as the Primary Account Holder.

Go to and click the Get Started button near the bottom of the screen. The user will be prompted to enter their email address, zip code, and pick the phones they wish to locate. After these steps have been completed, and they reach a page that says All Done, they have completed registration.


If you have completed online registration:

You must be logged into your My T-Mobile account as the Primary Account Holder (PAH). If you are not logged in, or you are logged in as an account that is not the Primary Account Holder, you won't be able to access FamilyWhere.

If you have not established a Primary Account Holder yet:

  • Go to
  • Click MY PROFILE.
  • Under the Account Permissions tab, complete the instructions to enroll yourself as the Primary Account Holder.
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