General Registration Issues

Before registering for T-Mobile FamilyWhere:

Are you the Primary Account Holder?

Please make sure that you are designated as the Primary Account Holder (PAH) within your T-Mobile family plan. For security purposes, only the PAH is able to register for the service.

If you are not certain that your number is already established as the PAH, you will have to contact T-Mobile Customer Care to set a PAH line before you will be able to complete the registration process. The instructions to establish a PAH can also be found online at:


Is your Family Allowance or Spending Limit high enough to cover the cost of FamilyWhere?

If there is currently a Family Allowance established on your T-Mobile family plan, it is important to make sure that it is set high enough to include the monthly fee of $9.99.

To manage your spending limit, you'll need to connect with T-Mobile Customer Care.


If you're still unable to register for a FamilyWhere account...

You can open a trouble ticket with the FamilyWhere Support team. We'd be glad to help!

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